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Small child with bandaged feet sitting in wheelchair

Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Take Action Now

Jeff Martin Nov. 21, 2022

Have you recently been informed, that your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy? Do you believe an adverse action taken by the doctors, or hospital, contributed in some way? Here at Jeff Martin Law our medical malpractice attorneys know how devastating a cerebral palsy diagnosis can be for parents, and are immediately ready to help get you justice for child’s birth injury. 

We are a top law firm that represents cerebral palsy cases in all of Oklahoma including from the panhandle areas, to Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  Our birth injury lawyers, understand your child will need early intervention, by doctors and specialists, to develop a cerebral palsy treatment plan. Different treatments for cerebral palsy can get expensive including but not limited too surgery, medicines, physical or occupational therapy, that’s why our medical malpractice lawyers at Jeff Martin Law serving all of Oklahoma’s are here to help you win your case. 

How Can A Doctor or Hospital Cause Cerebral Palsy

Medical malpractice attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for birth injury cases, due to doctors or hospitals negligent actions that were proven to cause cerebral palsy. These preventable actions may include severe head trauma during birth from misuse of forceps or pulling of the head, loss of oxygen to brain from slow delivery, failure of timely detection/treatment of infections, or scheduling/performing necessary C- Sections and more. Schedule a free lawyer consultation and our birth injury lawyers to get help today. Get your free birth lawyer consultation with the Jeff Martin Law serving all of Oklahoma today!

Top Firm Specializing in Cerebral Palsy 

At Jeff Martin Law we move with the urgency that families deserve, in order to begin getting cerebral palsy treatment for your child fast. Our reputation as one of the top law firms in Oklahoma, is a credit to helping cerebral palsy clients such as yourself fight back get the settlements they need.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral references Brain

Palsy references loss or impairment of motor function

Cerebral palsy also known as CP has different types, but is known as a group of neurological disorders that appear in infants or early age kids. It permanently affects body movement, and muscle coordination like the ability to maintain posture and balance. According to, cerebral palsy is the number one motor disability, affecting kids today.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, and Stroke cerebral palsy is caused by damage or abnormalities to the developing brain. The outer layer that controls muscle movement, which is known as the cerebral cortex has somehow been affected, causing the symptoms. your child may be exhibiting. 

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

  • Tight or droopy muscles

  • Sagging head when holding child

  • Reaching developmental milestones slower than normal like crawling, speech, or comprehension

  • Blindness, loss of hearing

  • Seizures

  • Trouble balancing or maintaining posture

  • Unable or difficulty feeding self 

Is There A Cure?

There is no cure for CP, but with treatment CP patients can lead active lives. Hire Jeff Martin Law and get no nonsense cerebral palsy lawyers, who will work to get you the money you deserve to ensure your child receives the best care available to cerebral palsy patients. Schedule a free consultation with our medical malpractice attorneys today!