Can I Sue My Own Car Insurance Company?

Can I Sue My Own Car Insurance Company?

Law Offices of Jeff Martin Nov. 23, 2023

When you purchase car insurance, you expect that your policy will protect you in case of an accident. However, what happens if your auto insurance provider fails to meet its obligations after an accident? You might ask, "Can I sue my own car insurance company? The answer is yes.

Suing your car insurance company can be a complicated process, and it's essential to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to guide you through the process. In this blog, we will explore the circumstances under which you can sue your car insurance company, the types of lawsuits that can be filed, and the factors that may impact your case's outcome.

When Can You Sue Your Auto Insurance Provider?

You may be able to sue your own car insurance company if they act in bad faith during the insurance claims process. Examples of bad faith practices include failing to process and look into your claim within a fair period, misrepresenting your auto insurance policy, requiring unfair demands to prove damages and losses, underpaying claims, or denying claims that should legally be honored and paid.

Moreover, you are entitled to take legal action against your auto insurance provider in case of an unjust denial or reduction of your claim and subsequent case closure. If the company breaches its contract with you or engages in bad faith practices, a personal injury attorney can help you fight for your deserved compensation.

Factors That Affect Car Accident Insurance Lawsuits

Several factors can impact the outcome of car accident insurance lawsuits, including:

1. Fault in the Accident: If the other party involved was at fault and acted negligently, they may be liable for the damages, but not necessarily their insurance company.

2. Liability for the Accident: In accident cases, it's essential to establish liability to file a lawsuit with the right insurance company.

3. Level of Negligence: Different types of imprudence govern personal injury lawsuits, which affect the outcome of cases.

4. Insurance Coverage for the At-Fault Driver: If the driver is uninsured or underinsured, suing their insurance company may not be an option, and you may need to sue the driver directly.


Suing your car insurance provider can be a complex and challenging process, and several factors can impact the outcome of your case. If your insurance company has acted in bad faith or wrongfully denied your claim, call a personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Jeff Martin.

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