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Boat tethered to a dock on a lake

Boating Accidents Can Cause Major Personal Injury and Death

Jeff Martin Nov. 23, 2022

Boating is something that people nationally love to do for recreation, employment, or commercial travel. Incidentally with boating accidents come serious danger. Our boating, personal injury, settlement lawyers, know there are thousands of injuries and deaths due to boating accidents, a year. Have you suffered a personal injury, or was a family member the victim of a fatal boating crash?  Contact Jeff Martin Law, and speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer serving all of Oklahoma from the panhandle, the major metropolitan areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, to Northwestern Arkansas. Get a boating accident attorney that will fight to recover damages, due to you for boating accident injury, or the death of a loved one.

Deadly Boating Accidents Can Have Many Causes 

According to Statistics, 2641 people were injured in boating accidents in 2021 and 658 people were killed. The causes of these injuries and deaths can be due to multiple preventable reasons, in fact, surveys show most boating accidents are from boat operator error.  The National Safe Boat Council list alcohol as the number one known cause of deadly boating accidents in 2021. Other known examples that can cause boating personal injury, or death, to passengers include:

  • Failure to follow state regulations

  • Unruly passengers

  • Malfunctioning Equipment

  • Illegal drug consumption

  • Lack of Safety Vests

  • Driving at excessive speeds

Discuss your case with our personal injury attorneys at Jeff Martin Law serving all of Oklahoma from the panhandle to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and Northwest Arkansas, because we understand the pain and suffering, victims of boating accidents and families face when a tragedy strikes. We will pursue damages that are due to the fullest extent if the law. 

What Kind of Injuries Can Occur from a Boating Accident?

Victims of boating crashes can suffer, debilitating injuries that our, experienced accident injury lawyers at Jeff Martin Law can demand compensation for, including

  • Brain Injury

  • Emotional distress

  • Broken Limbs

  • Long term care

  • Chronic Pain

  • Spinal Cord

Who is Liable in a Boating Accident Lawsuit? 

It is important for victims to understand multiple parties can be guilty of negligence. When a boating accident occurs, the list of potentially liable parties, when someone is injured or killed on a boat, is not just limited to the operator, it can include: 

  • Boat Manufacturer 

  • Boat Owner 

  • Passenger (due to interference)

  • Safety equipment provider

  • Lifeguard on Duty

What Types of Boating Accidents does Jeff Martin Law represent? 

Whether you suffered a personal injury that occurred during a recreational, or commercial boat outing, let our accident lawyers at Jeff Martin Law fight to get you the compensation that you are owed. Boat owners, manufacturers, and operators in both commercial and recreational boating, have laws and regulations to abide by that are meant to ensure the safety of passengers.  Boat operators have an obligation to maintain something known as a

duty of care”

If you believe they did not honor that duty of care you must act quickly. Call Jeff Martin Law accident injury lawyers and we will go to work to get you the settlement you deserve. Whether a liable party failed to have a proper license, fully ensure the boat was safe, or was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, we will pursue a case. If you suspect that you got injured in a boating accident, because the boat operator failed to maintain the proper duty of care, then contact the personal injury attorneys at Jeff Martin law. Again we all of Oklahoma to Northwestern Arkansas.