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Jeff Martin Feb. 19, 2022

When and if you're involved in an accident with a commercial truck driver, it's important that you call a commercial vehicle injury attorney immediately before signing any agreements or taking any further action.

Reasons To Hire a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Why is this so important? Consider the following. If insurance offers an initial settlement and you accept the money, you'll be unable to bring forth a lawsuit against the truck driver for damages and injuries caused to you and your property. And this is only one reason to hire a commercial vehicle injury attorney. Here are a few more:

  • Commercial trucking companies have robust financial resources and use some of it to staff legal teams. Handling the aftermath of an accident unrepresented significantly decreases the odds of the other driver getting a fair settlement and increases the odds that they go in as an underdog fighting without the proper tools.

  • Talking with insurance companies and with the trucking company can be incredibly stressful. A lawyer will take on that stress and handle all communications with those working against your settlement or case (as opposed to insurance adjustors that may attempt to coax incriminating information without you even realizing it). Putting the responsibility for all communication on your legal team can be the difference in how much settlement money is received.

  • Often in accidents involving a commercial truck and driver, tiny details and split-second decisions make the situation go from bad to worse. A commercial vehicle injury attorney or truck injury attorney is equipped to identify those details and recover financial losses that are a direct result of your accident.

Hiring The Right Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Experience is likely the biggest factor people look for when choosing a lawyer or law firm to represent them in challenging situations. How much time a lawyer has served their community is certainly an important factor, but choosing the right benefits and resources presented is another key focus in choosing the right truck injury attorney.

Choosing the right law firm and attorney after a truck accident also involves deciding how important the size of the firm is to you. Smaller firms come with a host of benefits. These benefits include the ability to spare clients more direct attention on a daily basis, as opposed to larger firms that may have clients talking with legal assistants, paralegals, and other support staff instead of the lawyer handling their case. Smaller firms will also charge lower fees as their office space and legal teams are more limited than at larger firms.

Years of experience and reputation are also key decision factors. Larger firms will have more lawyers, but this means that they may work in areas that aren't their specialty. Likewise, a large firm's reputation may be based around one or two practitioners that won't even touch your case. Asking for the truck injury attorney that will be taking lead on your case and researching them is an important step if you decide to go with a larger firm.

Unfortunately, after getting into an accident with a commercial truck driver, the experience may just be beginning for all parties involved. Finding the right law firm and attorney can help ease your mind and provide you reassurance as you navigate the situation.

Our team of attorneys at Jeff Martin Law has the expertise and experience to make sure you get the representation you need after a commercial vehicle accident. Get in touch today.