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Understanding the Duration of Employment Lawsuits

Jeff Martin May 26, 2023

Employment lawsuits can be complex legal processes that require careful navigation and resolution. Workers who believe they have been wronged or subjected to unfair treatment by their employers may pursue legal action to seek justice and appropriate compensation. One of the common questions that individuals have when considering an employment lawsuit is how long the process might take.

Similar to most lawsuits, it is challenging to determine an exact timeline for an employment discrimination case. Even providing a rough estimate can be difficult since the duration as the duration may vary depending on several factors.

Typically, cases with higher values take longer, often surpassing two years, as plaintiffs have a greater incentive to pursue an increased case value vigorously. Conversely, more minor cases often settle within a year, as it is not cost-effective for corporations to engage in protracted legal battles.

Factors That May Affect the Length of a Lawsuit

Several factors can significantly impact the duration of an employment discrimination case. Understanding these can help provide insight into what causes the timeline to vary.

1. Cooperation and Diligence of the Parties

The level of cooperation and diligence exhibited by the parties involved can affect the duration of the case. If both camps promptly respond to requests for information and participate in negotiations in good faith, the lawsuit can usually resolve sooner.

2. Your Legal Counsel's Proficiency

Selecting a law attorney with experience and expertise in handling employment discrimination cases is crucial. A proficient attorney can navigate the legal process more efficiently and effectively convince the other party to consider the benefits of settling.

3. Court Docket and Scheduling

The court's availability and workload can affect a case's timeline. Courts have limited resources and often handle numerous cases simultaneously. So, there may be delays in scheduling hearings, trials, or other proceedings, which can prolong the overall duration of the case.

4. Discovery and Settlement Negotiations

Discovery can extend the timeline significantly, typically ranging from a few months to a year or more, depending on the case's complexity. During this time, the parties gather evidence, interview witnesses, and negotiate to explore the possibility of a settlement.

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