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Car Driving across crosswalk

Oklahoma Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Jeff Martin Dec. 14, 2022

When we think of accidents, we generally think of accidents involving vehicles. For the most part, this assumption is valid. Car crashes and bike accidents make up a good chunk of personal injury claims, but not all of them. Another thing to consider is the pedestrian. Every day, people are hit by vehicles or find themselves in some other form of an accident while simply walking down the street. 

So, what do you do in a situation like this? Chances are, if you find yourself injured due to a pedestrian accident, you will want to seek monetary compensation. That is a journey you could go on your own, but that is highly inadvisable. Instead, you should look to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer. Here, we will explain why. 

Why Hire an Oklahoma Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you were in a scenario where you were a pedestrian hit by car, you would likely want to hire a pedestrian accident attorney. The reason that you are going to need representation is that you are about to enter a process that can be long and difficult. Having an experienced professional by your side will take some of the headaches away that will be the proceedings for your injury claim. 

You will want to file a personal injury claim when you have been injured. The trouble here is that the defendant will be an insurance company set on making sure that they pay as little as possible to anyone they can. It’s another reason why it is so crucial to have an attorney. You need to fight fire with fire. The insurance company will have a team of lawyers ready to protect themselves, so you must have your team. 

It’s more than just that, though. A pedestrian accident attorney knows exactly how these cases are going to go. They will know all the documentation you need going forward and the timeline for your case, and most importantly, they will have realistic expectations and pass those along to you. Their goal is to win, and in having that goal, they will make sure to build the best case and get as much as possible for your claim. 

The Process

Once you’ve picked from your choice of pedestrian accident attorneys, you will move forward with your case. It is a process that can drag out, but there are things you can do to give yourself the best shot at a reasonable settlement and give your attorney the best chance to win. 

The most important thing to do is to document everything once the accident happens. Yes, you will want to start documenting as soon as you realize what happened. You can take pictures of where it happened, photos of your injury, pictures of the offending vehicle, etc. 

Another crucial thing to do is contact authorities and seek medical attention immediately. By doing this, you are effectively documenting everything from the earliest possible point. 

Even if you don’t think you are severely injured, go to the hospital. This is another form of record-keeping that can significantly help you throughout your case. By going to the doctor as early as possible, you will have medical records that will back up your claims from the earliest moment. 

Once you have done this, you will hire a pedestrian accident attorney. They will ask you many questions, some of which might be difficult, but you must answer them honestly. Remember, your attorney is working for you. By knowing everything about the incident, your attorney will be able to make recommendations as it pertains to your case. 

They will also help you during the process. For example, it is common for insurance companies to want to settle out of court. This means that they will offer you money to keep the case from going to trial. Your attorney can recommend whether you should accept the settlement or take the next step. 

If you are seeking a pedestrian accident attorney, please contact the Law Offices of Jeff Martin and Associates today.