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Settle or Go to Court?

Jeff Martin July 31, 2022

Whether a person suffers injuries on a job, in an auto accident, or while visiting a business, they will most likely face high financial costs. To help alleviate some of the financial burden that accidents cause, victims often pursue legal claims against those at fault. In Oklahoma, thousands of people take legal action after being injured in accidents each year. 

If you were wondering, “why does a judge prefer a settlement over a trial?” The simple answer is that it helps to reduce an already backlogged civil court system. Settling a personal injury claim instead of taking a lawsuit to court provides many benefits for victims, litigants, and the entire court system. Seeking legal guidance to help you achieve a full and fair settlement can be critical when it comes to regaining your quality of life after being injured.

Why do Lawyers Want to Settle Out of Court?

Most personal injury lawyers prefer to settle injury lawsuits before stepping foot inside the courtroom. As a result, the percentage of cases that settle before trial is quite significant. Nearly 95% of personal injury lawsuits settle without ever going to trial. The main reason to push for a fair settlement is that it guarantees a favorable outcome for injury clients.

Going to trial is costly and time-consuming. There is also a risk that evidence may be found during the discovery process that could jeopardize a victim’s chances of recovering. All these negative factors can be eliminated by reaching a fair settlement during the negotiation process.

Defense attorneys are more likely to settle without going to trial simply because it costs them less money to do so. Negotiating a fair settlement for an injury victim is important, so they can get the money to cover all current and projected expenses related to their accidents. 

Although there is no specific timeline for a personal injury lawsuit, going to trial can take several months or even years to reach a verdict. The trial process is also very costly. Avoiding a courtroom battle can help you save money as well as time. Settling outside of court allows victims to recover full compensation for their damages quicker so they can rebuild their lives.

Maximizing Your Award for Damages

If you are wondering how to increase settlement value on a personal injury case, it is essential to understand how a settlement award works. An award for damages is based on the economic and non-economic impacts a victim suffers due to their accident. Awards for economic damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages, are based on the calculated total of actual expenses that a victim faces following their accident. 

Non-economic damages are awarded based on the accident's impact on a victim’s life. It is important to prove the extent of pain and suffering, mental anguish, and distress that a victim suffered from their accident. Victims who are left permanently disabled or disfigured generally receive higher non-economic awards for their lawsuit because their injuries will impact them indefinitely. The evidence gathered on behalf of a victim will play a critical role.

To increase the settlement value on a personal injury case, it is essential to fully calculate the total economic damages you face and prove the non-economic damages you suffered. A skilled personal injury lawyer from Jeff Martin Law will be able to help you prove your damages and demand total compensation on your behalf. 

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