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Understanding Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlements

Jeff Martin June 12, 2023

Nursing home lawsuit settlements refer to legal resolutions between a long-term care facility and a plaintiff (usually a resident or their family) who has filed a lawsuit against the institution. These lawsuits typically arise from allegations of negligence, abuse, or neglect by the nursing home staff or management, resulting in harm or injury to the resident.

When a nursing home lawsuit is filed, both parties can negotiate a settlement rather than go to trial. A settlement is an agreement reached between the plaintiff and the defendant, typically involving monetary compensation paid by the nursing home to the plaintiff. 

How Much Can You Get From a Nursing Home Settlement?

According to a study published in Health Affairs, the typical settlement amount for a nursing home abuse claim is around $406,000. Nonetheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that this figure is an average and might not precisely reflect the settlement amounts in every case.

The actual settlement amount in a nursing home abuse claim can vary widely depending on the case's several factors. These may include the extent of harm suffered by the resident, medical expenses incurred, evidence, pain and suffering endured, and other relevant considerations. 

Pros of Reaching a Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlement

Reaching a nursing home lawsuit settlement can offer several benefits to the plaintiff and the long-term care facility. Here are some of them:

  • Quicker resolution than a trial

  • Cost savings by avoiding lengthy legal proceedings

  • Certainty over the outcome and agreed-upon terms

  • Confidentiality provisions to protect the parties' privacy

  • Compensation for pain and suffering (punitive damages) in addition to the initial settlement

It is important to emphasize that certain victims may perceive that going to trial will secure a higher monetary award. However, there is no assurance that a jury verdict will result in a more considerable sum than a settlement. While trials offer the opportunity to present evidence and make arguments in front of a jury, the outcome remains uncertain.

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