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Mass Torts Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mass tort litigation is an area of personal injury law that allows one or more than one attorney to represent a large number of plaintiffs who were harmed in the same or similar way. A mass tort can be an effective way of achieving justice because it can expedite the litigation process for injured parties, resulting in quicker settlements or verdicts.  

If you are not the only person to experience what you have endured, you may need a mass torts attorney to help you with your claim. At the Law Offices of Jeff Martin, our experienced attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma, represent victims who are pursuing mass tort lawsuits throughout Eastern Oklahoma, including McAlester, Bartlesville, and Muskogee.

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What Is a Mass Tort Lawsuit?  

A mass tort refers to a civil action that involves a large number of plaintiffs who have been harmed in the same way and have similar claims against one or several at-fault parties (defendants) in a civil court. Mass tort lawsuits can be filed at the state or federal level. Common examples of mass tort lawsuits include lawsuits filed by victims who suffered an injury due to: 

  • Dangerous or defective products, 

  • Dangerous medical devices or drugs, 

  • Toxic substances and conditions, or 

  • Mass disasters and large-scale catastrophes. 

If you believe you have a case that qualifies for mass tort litigation, consider contacting a knowledgeable attorney to discuss your next steps. Our attorneys at Law Offices of Jeff Martin provide the support and guidance you need in your mass tort case to help you get your life back on track.  

How Do Mass Torts Differ From a Class Action?  

Because mass torts and class actions have a lot in common, many people do not understand the differences between mass torts and class action cases. While both proceedings help cut down on the number of cases filed in civil court, mass torts and class action cases are not the same. Some of the most notable differences between mass torts and class actions include these two main points: 

  1. Mass torts usually consist of smaller groups of victims compared to class action lawsuits (often, mass tort lawsuits involve a group of individuals from the same geographic area); and 

  1. Plaintiffs in mass tort lawsuits are treated as individuals, which means each of them must prove elements of their claim to be entitled to compensation.  

If you cannot choose between a mass tort lawsuit and a class action, speak with an experienced mass torts attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to figure out your options.

What Are the Benefits of a Mass Tort?  

There are several benefits of mass tort litigation. The following are some reasons to choose mass tort litigation: 

  • Plaintiffs can pool their resources and present evidence together to fight against one or several at-fault parties. 

  • Plaintiffs are more likely to afford an attorney with more experience and higher fees.  

  • Mass torts are likely to attract media attention, which could help plaintiffs achieve justice and prevent unsuspecting people from being harmed in the same way. 

  • A mass tort lawsuit can expedite the litigation process.  

These are not the only benefits of a mass tort. If you cannot decide if pursuing a mass tort lawsuit is right for your particular situation, schedule a free consultation with our mass torts attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeff Martin to discuss your case.  

How Does a Mass Tort Case Work?  

Mass tort litigation allows multiple plaintiffs with similar complaints to pursue a lawsuit against one or several defendants. The mass tort litigation process can be complicated, but each step is important to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

  1. Filing a lawsuit. The first step is to consolidate several cases into a mass tort action and file a lawsuit against the at-fault party (parties) on behalf of two or more plaintiffs.  

  1. Discovery. The discovery process allows parties to gather information in preparation for the trial.  

  1. Trial. Often, courts try a handful of cases – also known as “bellwether trials” – before the entire group of mass tort cases is tried.  

  1. Resolution. A mass tort case can be resolved through a settlement or verdict.  

Consider contacting our mass torts attorneys at Law Offices of Jeff Martin to represent you at each step of the process. We work hard to hold negligent parties, including big-name companies, accountable for their negligence.

Mass Torts Attorneys Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma   

Have you and several others been harmed in a similar way by the same event or product? Our personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Jeff Martin are here to help. We are dedicated to seeing justice done for those who have suffered any sort of injury due to someone else’s negligence. Contact our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to request a free consultation today.