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Class-action and other consumer lawsuits are a necessary layer of protection to ensure accountability from drugmakers and other consumer product manufacturers. In cases where those consumer products are found to be either fraudulent or defective, these lawsuits provide a necessary form of recourse that lets consumers affected by these defects seek compensation for the damages they have suffered.

A wave of lawsuits are currently being targeted to the manufacturers of Zantac, an antihistamine and antacid typically used to treat heartburn and other conditions related to stomach acid. Unfortunately, many users of Zantac have since developed medical problems that are being connected back to the drug's manufacturing process. According to the lawsuit, ranitidine—the active ingredient in Zantac medications—is defective because of its contamination with NDMA.

If you're a current or past Zantac user or know someone who regularly uses Zantac, read on for important information about these ongoing lawsuits, and how you can add your name to the list of plaintiffs against the brand.

What is the Lawsuit Against Zantac?

The most common lawsuit against Zantac, which is being taken up by a number of lawyers representing clients who used Zantac in the past, claims that consumers of the drug were unknowingly exposed to the carginogen NDMA, which was present in the medication due to contamination. This NDMA exposure is now being connected to a number of cancers developed by regular Zantac users.

While certain side effects are commonly associated with various medications, Zantac users were neither alerted to the NDMA contamination in their medications nor were they warned that taking Zantac could increase their risk of developing cancer in the future.

Who Might Be Eligible for a Zantac Lawsuit Payout?

At a minimum, individuals wanting to take part in the Zantac cancer lawsuit need to have been regular Zantac users in the past and to have contracted a form of cancer associated with NDMA. Currently, the cancers currently eligible for a potential Zantac settlement include the following:

  • Bladder cancer

  • Colon cancer

  • Breast cancer

  • Stomach cancer

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Esophageal Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Kidney Cancer

  • Liver Cancer

  • Melanoma

While meeting these criteria make you a good potential candidate for filing a Zantac lawsuit, keep in mind that a connection between Zantac use and your cancer needs to be reasonably demonstrated to increase your chances of a settlement. In general, more regular use of Zantac increases the possible connection to your cancer. If you have developed cancers that are caused by NDMA and that are not prevalent in your family medical history, that can further strengthen your case, increasing both the likelihood of winning your lawsuit and the amount you may be eligible to receive.

How Can I File a Zantac Lawsuit Claim?

If you meet the aforementioned criteria and are interested in filing a lawsuit, your first step should be talking to an attorney office that handles class-action lawsuits and claims against the makers of consumer products. An attorney will likely want to interview you to learn more about the strength of your claim, including your Zantac use history, your cancer diagnosis, your family medical history, and other relevant information.

The attorney may also want to know about other medical issues or symptoms that may be relevant to your Zantac use. These symptoms may include cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues, central nervous system conditions, or even liver failure. This information could be useful in building your case against Zantac's manufacturers.

Ultimately, you will need to find an attorney who thinks you have a good case against Zantac. From there, your legal representation will guide you through the steps you need to take to file the lawsuit and maximize your chances at a settlement.

When Can I Expect the Next Zantac Lawsuit Update?

Since these Zantac lawsuits are still in the early stages of being filed, no settlements have yet been awarded to Zantac users. However, settlements are expected to start being announced in the coming months, and the potential payouts for these grievances could be significant.

Experts estimate that, depending on the strength of each individual's claim, compensation from Zantac's manufacturers could easily stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per claimant due to the severity of the health consequences resulting from their Zantac use. This large financial incentive should persuade anyone with a legitimate claim to seek out an attorney that can help them file a Zantac lawsuit and secure some of this settlement money for themselves.

If you've suffered health complications from your Zantac use, you're entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney today to take part in this ongoing wave of important lawsuits.