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When you've been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, having the law on your side might not be enough. You also need an attorney who will prove where fault lies and ensure you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

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"A semi truck crossed over the yellow center line and struck me head on at over 70 miles an hour. This firm worked hard for us. Jeff and Hansen got every penny that they asked for in our case, and he never backed down. They ares the Heavy Hitter's."


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Decades of Experience
Our personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma, have over 40 years of combined experience handling personal injury disputes. We know the ins and outs of Oklahoma's legal system and excel at resolving cases outside of court.
Personalized Service
We’re serious about giving each case the attention it deserves. That’s why, if you can’t come to us, our client relations team will come you, even if all you need is help with some paperwork.
Home-field Advantage
As born and bred Oklahomans, we have a lot of connections throughout Tulsa and the entire state. Moreover, we know which resources will come in handy during each stage of negotiation.

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We have worked with thousands of clients and we appreciate them and their positive reviews. Here are just a few recent client reviews...

10 out out of 10 would recommend to ANYONE that needs help in these arenas. To them, you're a PERSON, not just a client.


11 months ago

Good job 👍🏻 and thank u for your business 👍🏻

Letha Parker

9 months ago

I am grateful for the help of Jeff Martin and his team. Without them, this process would have been more of a nightmare than it already was for me.

Tracey Lee

10 months ago

They Made the whole process super easy I would recommend them to anyone that was in a accident

Shane howard

a year ago


Chelsie Woods

6 months ago

Perfect! The best attorneys I've worked with! My first experience was perfect!

Rayven Stamps

9 months ago

Personal Injury Law is Our Passion and Focus

Our goal is clear - to help our Clients recover the Maximum Damages possible for their accident injury claim from the resposible parties.

Why Choose Us to Represent You?

Jeff Martin and Hensen Dirani focus on helping clients recover maximum damages for your accident injury claims.

We offer free case consultations with an experienced attorney.

We have received over 500+ positive Google reviews from our local clients.

We only focus on personal injury law and various types of injuries regarding bicycle, car, medical malpractice, motorcycle, nursing home negligence, sex abuse, pedestrian, premises liability, product liability & truck accidents etc...

We can determine the value of your case based on factors like the severity of injuries, pain and suffering, medical treatment, lost income, and available insurance coverage.

Our skilled injury lawyers negotiates with the insurance companies on your behalf to maximize your recovery.

We service clients all over Oklahoma, call for a free consultation. You don't pay, unless we win for you.

Meet Our Injury Firm

Being an effective personal injury lawyer in Tulsa is about much more than arguing with the opposing side. It’s about finding a way to get people the help they need, no matter the circumstances of their case and then persevering until the matter is resolved. So when we call ourselves “Heavy Hitters®,” what we mean to say is that we’re negotiators with muscle.

Questions About Your Accident Injury Case?

Our goal is clear - to help our Clients recover the Maximum Damages possible for their accident injury claim from the resposible parties.

What is your experience and track record with cases similar to mine?

Our firm has a significant track record of successfully representing clients in personal injury cases similar to yours. Over the years, we've handled thousands of cases involving serious injuries, and we've achieved favorable outcomes for our clients. Our team is well-versed in Oklahoma's personal injury laws and procedures, and we have a deep understanding of the strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of these cases. We approach each case with personalized attention and dedication, working tirelessly to advocate for our clients' rights and pursue the compensation they deserve. We prioritize keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the legal process, providing regular updates and answering any questions they may have along the way.

My car is totaled. How do I recover from the other driver's insurance?

Once the accident has been reported, an adjuster will be assigned to the claim. The adjuster will usually take the recorded statement of the drivers involved in the accident, and will have an appraiser look at the damage done to the vehicles. Once the insurance company has accepted responsibility for the accident, and if the damage to the vehicle is extensive enough, the insurance company will declare the vehicle to be totaled and pay the owner for the vehicle’s “Fair Market Value.” The fair market value is the amount that the car was worth before the accident, and is also referred to as the “blue book” value.

Who will pay the doctor bills and fix my car if the other person has no insurance?

Even if the other driver doesn’t have any insurance, you may still be covered. Check with our office. We can look at your policy and tell you if you have the right coverages, such as uninsured motorist coverage, coverage which can compensate you if you are involved in an auto accident with someone who has no insurance.

What is meant by "statute of limitations"?

Statute of limitations refers to the need to file a lawsuit within a time limit. These limitations vary by state, and type of case. It is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after an injury.

What is UIM and med-pay coverage on my car insurance and should I pay for this coverage?

If you’re hurt in an accident, no matter who is at fault, personal injury protection in the form of Med-Pay on YOUR OWN CAR INSURANCE POLICY will help to pay your medical bills. Likewise, carrying Uninsured or underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage on your own policy helps make up the difference if the other driver’s insurance policy limits are insufficient to cover the injuries you suffered in the accident he caused. This is important because the emergency room bill alone could easily be many times higher than the minimum coverage drivers are required to carry. GIVEN THE NUMBER OF UNISURED DRIVERS ON THE ROAD TODAY, IT IS EXTREAMLY CRITICAL THAT YOU PROTECT YOURSELF, AND YOUR FAMILY, BY OBTAINING UNISURED MOTORIST AND MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE. THESE BENEFITS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN “FULL COVERAGE”. YOU MUST ASK YOUR AGENT TO ADD THESE TO YOUR POLICY. PROTECT YOURSELF BY GETTING THESE IMPORTANT BENEFITS. Please feel free to call or email our office anytime to discuss this very important protection for yourself.

Can't any lawyer handle my type of case?

It’s true that you could hire any licensed lawyer, but not all lawyers have the training, expertise, and experience we have as personal injury lawyers. We always represent our clients’ best interests. Think of it this way: if you needed heart surgery, would you rather have it done by a surgeon who is a Cardiologist or a general practitioner? Both are doctors… Yes, but the surgeon has the training and experience you need. The same is true for lawyers. The family lawyer who prepared your will may not have the personal injury expertise that you need. You have a right to ask about the experience and training of the lawyer you hire.

Will I have to go to court?

If the insurance company agrees to pay what you (with our experienced counsel) believe your case is worth and you decide to settle for that amount, then your case will not go to court. Most of the time, injury claims get settled out of court. However, some cases require a formal trial proceeding. In either situation, hiring a firm with experience in handling personal injury cases is critical. We prepare all of our cases as if they are going to court and this is the very reason why most of our cases get settled outside of court. We are always prepared, and insurance companies know WE WON’T HESITATE TO FILE SUIT if the need arises. Our reputation and our preparation allows us to negotiate from a position of strength, helping you get the maximum settlement for your injuries.

How much is my auto accident case worth?

It always depends on the seriousness of your injury. Serious injuries resulting in serious suffering in your life, deserve serious money. Ultimately, you will get to decide, with our experienced counsel, whether your case is worth what the insurance company’s top offer is or whether you want to go to court to try to obtain a larger cash award from a judge or jury. We examine all of the conditions surrounding your case in order to arrive at a figure that we believe the insurance company must pay for your injuries. Generally, as already noted above, the dollar value is dependent upon the type and extent of your injuries. Other factors influencing the amount of money you obtain are the amount of insurance available, the amount of your medical bills, the length and type of treatment, frequency of treatment, permanent disabilities and any other damage that can be documented such as lost income and lost earnings capacity. We study every detail and work hard to get you all the money you deserve.

How much will I have to pay for you to handle my case?

At Jeff Martin & Associates, our fee is based upon a percentage of the recovery that is made at the end of your case, which is called a “contingency fee.” We only get paid if and when you get paid. If we are unable to recover money for you, you do not pay us anything. Not ever.

What am I entitled to recover after an accident?

You may be entitled to a number of different types of “damages” under the law. Some of the more common types of damages in accident cases are: reasonable medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and permanent impairment.

What can a lawyer do for me that I can't do for myself?

There are two main reasons you need to hire an attorney if you’ve been injured. First, the insurance adjuster you will be required to deal with is trained and experienced. He, or she, probably has handled hundreds of accident-injury claims in the past. Additionally, they have supervisors and co-workers who have even more experience they can go to for assistance. How many injury claims have YOU handled? You need a law firm, like Jeff Martin & Associates (The Heavy Hitter and The Heavy Hitter Team) helping you because we too are trained and experienced. We have handled thousands of personal injury claims. Second, the insurance company has the money you need and want. When you go it alone, they have the final word on how much money they will pay you for injuries and suffering. When they say, this is our top offer take it or leave it, and you don’t think it’s fair, what can YOU do about it? What can Jeff Martin and his team do? They can tell the insurance company “We’ll See You in Court.” Even if you don’t ask Jeff and The Heavy Hitter Team to represent you, take Jeff’s advice – If you’ve been injured, call an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. Don’t go it alone.

Can I speak to you about my case for free?

Yes. Jeff Martin & Associates are more than happy to talk with you about your cases and offer legal advice, without charging any fee. At the end of the conversation, if you decide to retain us, we will come to you with the paperwork we need signed and begin work on your case. On the other hand though if you don’t decide to officially hire us, or want to think about it, that will be 100% fine. No Pressure.

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