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Personal injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability Lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Decades of Experience

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience handling personal injury disputes. We know the ins and outs of Oklahoma's legal system and excel at resolving cases outside of court.

Personalized Service

We’re serious about giving each case the attention it deserves. That’s why, if you can’t come to us, our client relations team will come you — even if all you need is help with some paperwork.

Home-Field Advantage

As born and bred Oklahomans, we have a lot of connections throughout Tulsa and the entire state. Moreover, we know which resources will come in handy during each stage of negotiation.

Jeff Martin

Founding Attorney & Partner

Jeff has definitely earned his title as “Oklahoma’s Heavy Hitter®,” but he’s much more than a catchy slogan.

Jeff is the kind of guy who won’t sit off on the sidelines when an injustice is brought to his attention. Fighting for what’s right is his passion, and giving up just isn’t in his DNA.

Hansen Dirani

Attorney & Managing Partner

As the firm's managing partner, Hansen keeps our operation running smoothly. Not only does he manage our team's activities, but he continuously grows our professional network, as well.

Clients and colleagues alike appreciate Hansen because he's a knowledgeable attorney, a great conversationalist, and a fearless client advocate.

Sean Johnson

Attorney at Law

Clients who work with Sean appreciate his clear and honest communication, his understanding of their situation, and his extremely thorough work.

In addition to practicing personal injury, Sean is also our firm’s social security disability attorney.

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What Makes Us "Heavy Hitters®"?

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We go to bat for victims of personal injury, even when other firms won't. And more often than not, we successfully settle cases before they ever reach trial.
Jeff Martin

Being an effective attorney is about much more than arguing with the opposing side. It’s about finding a way to get people the help they need — no matter the circumstances of their case — and then persevering until the matter is resolved.

So when we call ourselves “Heavy Hitters®,” what we mean to say is that we’re negotiators with muscle. With each case we take on, we assess the situation, build a smart but aggressive legal strategy, and put in the legwork to turn that strategy into a resolution. Most importantly, we don’t back down.

What Our Clients Say

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Learn about Fred's experience.

Insurance companies do everything they can to save themselves money, which unfortunately means denying fair compensation to those who get injured. That’s where we come in.

A Human Approach to Law

We take the time to talk to our clients’ doctors, insurance companies, and anyone else who may have a say in the outcome of their case. We appeal to their human side, reminding them that the decisions they make affect real people, not file numbers. Through these one-on-one negotiations, we are frequently able to piece together better settlement offers overall.

We Take Cases Big and Small

You will never hear us tell a client that their case is “too small” to be worth our time. We believe that, whether your injury is minor or catastrophic, you deserve to have the dedicated support of a skilled legal team. More than that, you deserve to get compensation for your injuries if they were caused by another person’s actions or negligence. That is your right under the law.

So give our office a call. Even if you decide that we’re not the right fit for you, we may be able to help you figure out your next steps and, if necessary, refer you to another trustworthy firm in the area.