What is Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

When a loved one is brought, or checks themselves into, a nursing home, it is reasonable to believe the residents have a right to live a life free of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Residents are often victimized by staff and other patients.

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What is Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

When a loved one is brought, or checks themselves into, a nursing home, it is reasonable to believe the residents have a right to live a life free of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Residents are often victimized by staff and other patients.

What Exactly Is Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

The NCEA defines sexual abuse verbatim as non-consensual sexual contact of any kind with an older adult, perpetrated through force, threats, or the exploitation of authority. Sexual abuse includes, but is not limited to, rape, unwanted touching, sexual assault or battery, sexual harassment, and sexual interaction with elders who lack the capacity to give consent.

Sadly, sexual abuse reporting in nursing homes, is below the actual rate of occurrence.  It is a crime that can have lasting painful effects for the resident. Contact the best nursing home abuse attorneys at Jeff Martin Law, serving all of rural Oklahoma, the metropolitan areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and Northwest Arkansas.  We have elder abuse lawyers that will get you the results you deserve. We are knowledgeable of nursing home resident rights, and State of Oklahoma and Arkansas laws, and will get you the settlement you, and your family, deserve as victims of sexual abuse.

Who Could Be Committing Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Currently resident against resident sexual abuse is the most prevalent form of sexual abuse. If nursing staff isn’t properly monitoring residents, it can become a hostile place for elders to live. Staff members also have been known to sexually abuse residents at nursing homes, violating their duty of care. Let the top nursing home sexual abuse attorneys at Jeff Martin Law jump into action, and fight for your family to get the compensation and justice, that you, and your loved ones deserves. Jeff Martin Law serves all of Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. Call us for a free consultation with our elder abuse attorneys today!

Is Sexual Abuse the Only Form of Elder Care Abuse?

No, it is not. Unfortunately, there are multiple types of abuse inflicted on the elderly.  This includes medical neglect, resulting in bedsores or other serious health conditions.  Over medication and unnecessary restraint of residence and a plethora of other types of harmful conduct resulting in death or injury to elderly nursing home residents.

What Are Some Signs My Loved One Could Be a Victim of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

Bring any evidence or concerns you have to our knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyers at Jeff Martin Law, they will help you determine if there is case. Here are some physical signs to be aware of when visiting with a loved one, these signs are listed on the National Center of Elder Abuse (NCEA).

Sexual Abuse

  • Bruises, abrasions, or lacerations around the breasts or genital area
  • Unexplained sexually transmitted disease or genital infection
  • Unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding or incontinence
  • Increased anxiety or depressive symptoms
  • Sleep disturbances, agitation, or restlessness

What Can a Sexual Abuse Attorney from Jeff Martin Law Do for Me?

Nursing home abuse lawyers at Jeff Martin Law will immediately step in and take actions to identify the abuse, hold the proper parties accountable, and do our best to recover the maximum possible compensation for victims and their families.

What If I Don’t Have Money for an Elder Care Sexual Abuse Attorney?

Don’t worry schedule, a free consultation with our elder care abuse attorneys we represent clients on a contingency basis, so there are no out-of-pocket cost for the resident unless we win your case. In other words, if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

How Will My Loved One Be Protected Once I Get a Lawyer at Elder Sexual Abuse Attorney with Jeff Martin Law?

Once it has been determined that you or a loved one could be a victim of nursing home sexual the lawyers at Jeff Martin Law will swiftly react and fight to have the abuser removed from all access to the victim.

Please don’t hesitate to call us. Let’s help you get the justice you deserve.

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