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Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer 2


Jeff Martin Jan. 20, 2022

The average driver is involved in a car accident about once every 18 years, on average. Add in the accidents you're involved in as a passenger, and the risk is even higher.

Nobody wants to think about a scenario where they're involved in a car accident, much less injured in one. But even when practicing perfect driving behaviors, you're always at risk of an accident caused by someone else's actions.

When those accidents occur, a personal injury lawyer is essential to advocate for your best interests and make sure you're compensated for any damages and suffering resulting from the collision. Without an experienced attorney working on your behalf, you could find yourself faced with mounting medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and lacking resources to deal with these problems.

Curious about the benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer? Here are some of the biggest advantages that come with legal representation.

Legal Support When You File a Claim

If you and your attorney decide to file an auto accident claim with the court, you will need expert guidance on how to do this in a way that strengthens your case and improves your odds of getting your desired result. From local statutes of limitations to rules about the kinds of damages you can pursue from the liable party, an attorney will make sure your claim is filed right the first time, and in a manner that the court system will inevitably find more favorable.

An Advocate to Deal With Insurance

Insurance companies may try to pass you back and forth while evading responsibility for covering your medical bills. Whether your insurance company or another party's insurer is responsible for covering your medical costs, you can't afford to sit in limbo while hospitals send bills that can easily stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

An attorney can step in and make sure this doesn't happen. By advocating on your behalf, your attorney can get you the coverage you need so that you don't have to stress about the cost of your care as you recover from an accident.

A Thorough Accident Investigation With Your Interests in Mind

You may be an innocent victim in an accident, but it's possible that the at-fault party will try to argue that the fault was actually yours. To protect you from becoming the accused in an accident where you were only a victim, you need a car accident attorney that will conduct an investigation on your behalf, gathering evidence to build a case in your favor—and to make sure the truth wins out in the end.

In addition to gathering evidence at the scene, an attorney can use a number of different legal research practices to build a much stronger case in your defense than you could manage on your own.

Support Through the Discovery Phase

If the fault in an accident is contested, a discovery process will be conducted to gather additional evidence. This could include documents and even depositions where you and the other parties are asked to answer questions. These questions can be designed to trick you into admitting fault, and in a worst-case scenario, simple errors you make in the discovery phase could jeopardize your entire claim.

An attorney will protect you throughout this process by making sure you offer the right answers in a deposition, and by conducting their own discovery phase to level the playing field.

Expertise in Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement

Car accident settlements are a mix of art and science. Experienced car accident lawyers know how to approach these negotiations, and how much you can reasonably ask for given the losses you have suffered in an accident.

Without an attorney, you'll have no way of knowing whether the settlement offered is a fair one—and if you aren't represented by a lawyer, the other party may attempt to intimidate and low-ball you, resulting in a payout far below what you deserve.

The Option to Take Your Case to Trial

In settlement negotiations, trial can be a strong piece of leverage victims can hold against the at-fault party. But trial is only a threat to the other party if you're represented by a car accident lawyer prepared to bring your claim to court. By enlisting the help of an attorney, you will strengthen the threat of rejecting a settlement and taking the other party to court, which in turn can increase the amount of your settlement offer and save you a trip to the courtroom.

If you've been involved in a car accident, you can't afford to go through this process on your own and hope you're treated fairly. Contact a car accident attorney today to get the legal advocate you need to ensure justice is served.