Jeff Martin

Founding Attorney & Partner
Jeff takes client care to a whole new level. Where many law firms will turn down a difficult case, Jeff will listen to the client’s story, analyze the situation in depth, and do everything he can to help. We are honored to have such a kind, caring, and seasoned attorney as our founder.

Hansen Dirani

Attorney & Managing Partner
When Jeff was looking for a managing partner in the practice’s early years, Hansen proved to be a perfect fit. He brings a sense of balance to the firm and continually pushes the team toward the most effective, efficient solutions possible. When it comes to personal injury cases, Hansen’s no-nonsense mentality makes him a fierce negotiator.

Sean Johnson

Attorney at Law
Sean has always stood out as a voice of reason. Where others might lose their temper, Sean steps forward with a well-formed, level-headed argument. Where others see a dead end, Sean sees an opportunity to dig into the research and find a new way of solving the problem at hand. Over the years, his thorough and collected approach has proven effective time and time again.