Attorney Jeff Martin

In Oklahoma, I’m known as the Heavy Hitter. People see my commercials, and they know what my work is all about. What they may not realize, though, is that I don’t come from a family of big-time lawyers. In fact, I don’t come from a family of lawyers at all.

I was raised by two extremely hardworking blue collar parents — parents who taught their children to appreciate the value of hard work, and who led by example. My father managed a gas station throughout most of my younger years, and when I was old enough, I helped both him and one of my brothers in their work. As for my mother, she chose not to retire until she was 75. Yes, 75.

Fortunately, my family’s ambitious nature was not lost on me. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to help people, and I was more than willing to put in the work to make that happen. When the time came to choose a course after high school, though, I was torn. I could either pursue my interest in further education — a first for my family — or see what I could do in the U.S. Army. In the end, I wound up following both paths — first by serving three years in the Army, and later by getting my law degree.

Being an attorney isn’t about taking the open-and-shut cases. It’s about standing up for people who have been wronged.

More Than Just a Business

From the moment I chose to become an attorney, my mantra has been very simple: “stand up for the little guy.” In terms of personal injury, every client that comes my way tends to feel like an underdog. After all, they’re generally facing a large insurance company with a panel of defense attorneys. No matter how formidable my opponent may appear, though, I won’t be intimidated, and I certainly won’t back down.

Over the years, my friends, family, and colleagues have pointed out to me that my mission to do right by every client isn’t always the most lucrative — but frankly, I don’t care. My work has always been about helping others, and that’s never going to change. When I see an injustice, my natural instinct will always be to step in and fight until a fair resolution is reached.

No matter what kind of personal injury dispute you’re facing, I encourage you to give our office a call. I’d be happy to hear your story and offer guidance where I can, even if that means simply doing some research to point you in the right direction. You’ll find that when you work with me, you’re not just getting the Heavy Hitter — you’re also getting a person who cares.

Bar Admissions

  • Oklahoma
  • Eastern District of Oklahoma
  • Western District of Oklahoma
  • Northern District of Oklahoma
  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado


  • J.D., University of Tulsa College of Law
  • B.S.B.A. in Management, University of Tulsa
  • Associate Degree, Tulsa Junior College