Medical Malpractice

From doctors not diagnosing a problem soon enough to a wrong diagnosis or treatment altogether, malpractice cases seem to be everywhere. With the sheer amount of clients we have represented or potential clients we have spoken with in the past, it has become an evolving problem as health professionals have more information and expertise at their disposal. This information results in newer, often riskier, procedures that although potentially good intentioned, could result in major injuries or problems down the road in life. With more power comes more responsibility, and this applies to the healthcare field as well. The wealth of new knowledge and new training can result in major advances in science and medicine at the same time they create new side effects and residual problems.

In terms of bad drugs or medical devices, sometimes a medication or a medical device may cause serious problems and upon inspection we have been able to determine that large groups of individuals had the same problem, and this problem was not something included (or clearly included) enough in the warnings to sufficiently warn you as a consumer that you might be assuming the risk of taking the medication and/or having an implant put into your body. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies spend vast amounts of money defending their products to make sure that their bottom line remains high. Often medications and devices are released for use before sufficient data exists to know the product could have even caused the problem it eventually caused. Implants often deteriorate or break sometimes causing internal poisoning or even derangement of the body’s internal systems. These devices typically face recalls and require individuals to have additional unwanted and seemingly unnecessary surgeries. Even some of the most commonly used medications have come under fire recently as warnings have been expanded to protect consumers after being exposed for not warning of very common problems associated with their use. These medications are supposed to help you, but without all of the facts you could be taking a huge risk. If facts are later discovered that the pharmaceutical company or device manufacturer knew of problems, failed to warn of potential side effects, or issued a recall of a medications and/or devices; individuals who have experienced associated problems may be entitled to compensation, but you can rest assured these companies will not make getting this compensation easy. Each case is unique and some may be worth more than others, but each injury has its own story. We want to help. Please tell us yours.

If you or a loved one believes that medical negligence may have occurred as described above, we urge you to:

  1. Collect your medical records to believe should show the negligence occurred.
  2. Document your current situation and evolving treatment needs.
  3. Contact us immediately to tell us your story, we’re waiting for your call and want to help.