Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney

We’ve successfully resolved claims involving dog bites, slip and falls, rear-endings, side-swipes, t-bones, rollovers, hit and runs, and involving corporate-owned semi-trucks by simplifying the process and providing direction to our clients in order to present their claims in ways an insurance company cannot ignore. With our experience, we are able to assist clients in finding the right treatment options and address their concerns as to what will hurt or help their claim as they go forward. We not only deal with the person who caused the accident, but we’ll also look into your own coverage to make sure there isn’t more that can be done. Often there are benefits you may not know existed. We’ve seen thousands of scenarios and piles of medical records that often shed light on how an injury will be assessed, what evidence will matter most, and why some things are less important than others. We want our clients to feel comfortable with the process and understand how and why things are happening the way they are. We provide information upfront as well as throughout the process as things develop so that your claim will adapt until we are ready to present it in full. Once we present your claim, we’ll cooperatively work towards an acceptable resolution. We’ll let you know where you stand, and you decide where to go from there.

If you are injured, and it was someone else’s fault, we urge you to:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Document the situation (call the police for a report if at all possible).
  3. Contact us as soon as possible and tell us your story, we want to help.